Avoid end-of-year jitters with some sound advice

Over the course of my extensive experience in the education sector, I have noticed an annual trend – around this time of the year, students are often still unsure about their career path.

I have a passion for guiding young lives into successful and prosperous careers by providing students with the necessary tools to make informed decisions about their futures.

The start of a new year often sees students second-guess themselves, as uncertainty lingers over their chosen study path – the tyranny of choice becomes too daunting. New and exciting prospects start to rival established career paths, and any solid plans seem to dissolve under scrutiny. As doubt grows, anxiety creeps in, and students can be paralysed by the options before them.

This need not be the case, however, and good advice can push you in the right direction. Chatting to someone with knowledge and experience can help you sort out your thoughts, providing perspective which allows you to follow a pathway that fosters personal growth and prosperity. You might get the affirmation you need to stick to your current path, or you might be inspired to follow a new and exciting direction that had not previously seemed possible.

As we know how beneficial this process can be, NewBridge College offers free career assessments to all students looking to find out more about possible career directions. Get in touch with us on 031 100 8104 or info@newbridge.life to book your career assessment today.

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