COVID Protocols

We are ready and have planned for every stage of lockdown to ensure that you can enjoy a safe, fun and uninterrupted academic year.

COVID Protocols

We are ready and have planned for every stage of lockdown to ensure that you can enjoy a safe, fun and uninterrupted academic year.

Caring For Your Future

At NewBridge College, our focus is ensuring you get everything you need to succeed in a world that demands innovative thinkers who are adaptable and know how to rise to challenges that get thrown your way.

Our unique blended learning model embraces the useful tools the digital world can offer us, and incorporates both face-to-face and online lectures, collaborative teaching and learning, soft skills and professional development, and a vibrant social and sporting environment.

This approach means that our lecturers are prepared and specifically trained to seamlessly adapt and accommodate any level of lockdown that we may face. This ensures that we can offer an uninterrupted and high-quality learning experience for each of our students.

Sometimes Smaller is Better

We established NewBridge College to ensure that classes would be small and lectures are interactive and engaging. With our average class sizes ranging from 15 to 30 students, it is relatively simple for us to adapt to various stages of lockdown by either:

  • splitting and repeating classes, to ensure we meet all required social distancing
  • seamlessly moving all lectures online
  • a combination of the above, depending on lockdown stage
The Choice is Yours

We have developed COVID protocols that are specific to each lockdown level, with a balance of online and face-to-face lectures based on the risk factor. However, every student is able to opt for more online lectures than face-to-face, or an entirely online experience, if you are more comfortable with this arrangement. You will still receive a comprehensive level of support, with online lectures, tutorials, workshops, and more.

Training, Fitness & Healthy Living With The NewBridge College Sports Academy

Even our newly-launched Sports Academy is able to continue without skipping a beat, thanks to our comprehensive Sports Academy App. Our conditioning team is able to load each student’s conditioning programme, nutrition plan, training sessions and body stats onto the app, allowing all Sports Academy students to continue their conditioning throughout all lockdown levels.

This ensures an integrated training programme in which each student is easily able to keep up with their conditioning schedule and nutrition plan, mapping their progression with real-time monitoring of areas they need to improve on and areas they excel in – regardless of the lockdown levels.
NewBridge College COVID Safety Protocols

To ensure an uninterrupted learning experience at NewBridge College, we have implemented a range of safety measures based on the current WHO guidelines. The following protocols will remain in place regardless of lockdown levels; however, NewBridge College will revise these protocols in line with any updated regulations.

  • Temperatures will be taken and recorded on entrance to the campus
  • Sanitisation stations will be available across the campus
  • 5m social distancing will be adhered to at all times
  • Masks are to be worn at all times by students, visitors, staff and lecturers
  • Lecture sizes will not exceed 50% of the capacity of each lecture theatre to ensure adequate social distancing
  • Lecture rooms will be deep-cleaned after each lecture session by our dedicated on-site sanitisation team
  • All sessions and activities will be designed to prioritise social distancing, from lectures to social activities
  • Students will be required to eat in allocated outdoor areas situated outside our Café
  • Use of common areas will be staggered to encourage social distancing
  • Sharing of stationery and other items will be discouraged
  • Common items such as cups and teaspoons will be replaced with disposable alternatives
  • Routine screening and contact-tracing will be in place
  • Students and staff displaying symptoms will be asked to isolate while continuing with virtual sessions, and will not be permitted to enter the campus

Existing protocols such as social distancing, hand hygiene and regular deep-cleaning will be increased according to the levels and in response to the current risk factors. Should more serious protocols become necessary, these will be implemented and communicated at the time.

Please look after your safety and the safety of others by adhering to these protocols whenever you are at NewBridge College. Let’s look after our future together!

Responsive Protocols For Increased Lockdown Levels

The below plan has been developed based on the current COVID regulation guidelines for each lockdown level. As the government advises us on the current risk level, we will implement new procedures to ensure continued safety and learning.

Level 1 & 2

  • 3 face-to-face lecture sessions per week
  • 1 online lecture session and 1 Accelerate Academy session per week

Level 3

  • 2 face-to-face lecture sessions per week
  • 2 online lecture sessions and 1 Accelerate Academy session per week

Level 4 &5

  • 4 online lecture sessions and 1 Accelerate Academy session per week

Class timetables may change to allow for social distancing as various levels are implemented. Online timetables may also need to change in response to load shedding schedules, however all students will be kept up-to-date via the NewBridge College student portal.

Keeping The Vibes Alive With Fun Fridays

Your college experience isn’t just about acing exams and learning new skills – it’s about having fun with an active sport and social life.

To make sure your college experience includes all this and more, we’re keeping our Fun Fridays tradition going with new activities throughout the lockdown levels.

These socially-distanced and/or online experiences will include activities such as a group gaming event, a fun fitness activity or a guest lecturer or workshop.

All our general safety protocols will remain in place for the safety of all, with a few extra considerations to make sure we can keep our Fun Fridays going in a safe and enjoyable way. Should we revert to higher lockdown levels in the months to come, these activities will continue through online platforms.

We look forward to welcoming you to a fun, safe and uninterrupted learning experience at NewBridge College.