Why an IT Application Development Programme?

Become a successful App Developer with this IT Application Development programme and a series of internationally-recognised certifications, giving you the knowledge, practical skills and credentials to thrive in the IT industry. Many institutions and colleges offer different registered and accredited IT qualifications. These qualifications are offered either in face-to-face lecture room settings, online, distance and in some instances a blend of these modes. Depending on where you register to study and which qualification you select you will be able to determine your desired mode of study and specialisation.

What NewBridge College Offers

NewBridge College offers a voluntary and additional support programme for students who elect to study an external distance IT qualification through a distance provider. NewBridge College offers a full-time campus environment for students who see the value and flexibility offered by studying towards a distance qualification, but who also seek the full time Campus experience, extra lessons through our support programme, personal and professional development and an active sport and social life.

What the Distance Institution Offers

Having registered for the distance qualification, the Institution will take full responsibility for your registration towards your chosen registered qualification. Additionally, they take full responsibility for the qualification by developing the content, assessing the curriculum and certifying the qualification. These functions are the exclusive responsibility of the Institution, which is the registered and accredited provider. Entrance criteria are set by the Institution, and it is therefore imperative that you to check the entrance criteria of your selected qualification with the Institution directly.

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What You Will Learn


  1. A core skillset of fundamental IT abilities
  2. Computer hardware and software
  3. Network fundamentals
  4. Windows client and server operating systems
  5. Programming and programming logic
  6. Java programming and an introduction to C#
  7. Android programming for mobile devices
  8. System analysis and design

IT Application Development Programme Content

Career Path

Year 1 Programme Content:

  • PC Fundamentals – Hardware (CompTia)
  • PC Fundamentals – Software (CompTia)
  • Office Support 1 (Microsoft)
  • Network Fundamentals (CompTia)
  • Windows 10 (Microsoft)
  • Office Support 2 (Microsoft)
  • Introduction to Databases (Microsoft)
  • Introduction to Windows Server (Microsoft)
  • Introduction to Programming (Microsoft)

Year 2 Programme Content:

  • Programming in JAVA
  • Database Design
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Introduction to C#
  • Andriod Programming

Career Path

  • Java Development
  • C# Development
  • Database Design
  • Systems Analysis
  • Computer Hardware Engineering
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Applications Development
  • Network Solutions Architecture
  • Windows Client and Server Operating Systems

NewBridge College Blended Support

NewBridge College offers voluntary and additional blended lecture and tutorial support for this IT Application Development programme.

Your registration with this provider allows you to receive their materials, their distance or online support and to write their assessments and exams. On successful completion of their programme, you will receive their registered and accredited qualification.

Your registration with NewBridge College allows you access to a student support programme at our safe, secure, and conveniently situated digitally enabled campus. This includes being able to attend our full-time blended lecture and tutorial support programme and the NewBridge College Accelerate Academy coupled with our unique Professional Development Programme. This together with our sport and social life ensure you will enjoy a vibrant campus life.

Our approach has been developed to give students a well-rounded campus experience and all the support needed to complete their studies successfully. The result is that our students will have the confidence to adapt to the complexities of the 21st century and learn first-hand how to pursue lifelong learning throughout their careers.

The support we offer on our campus includes:

  • Academic support in our digitally enabled spaces and other learning facilities
  • Extra lessons for your IT Application Development programme
  • Personal and professional development and International Certifications for Short Learning programmes offered through the NewBridge College Accelerate Academy
  • Sports club membership opportunities
  • Social programmes
  • Campus Cafe

The voluntary and additional support we offer is designed to assist students while they study towards the qualification provided by their chosen institution.

NewBridge College Accelerate Academy

Everything we do at NewBridge College is designed to give students a competitive advantage for life. Every student has the opportunity to join our NewBridge College Accelerate Academy, receiving access to specialist programmes that support and complement your area of study.

Students gain NewBridge College Accelerate Academy certificates of recognition for every level successfully completed to add further credibility to their CV’s when they complete their studies. Specialist programmes comprise workshops, lectures, case studies and specially curated online content, cultivating skills that prepare students to take control of their destiny while enhancing their appeal to potential employers.

The NewBridge College Accelerate Academy comprises the following:

IT Cloud and Network Engineering Programme

IT Cloud and Network Engineering Programme

For any enquiries about this programme, please get in touch with us by clicking on one of the icons below, or complete the contact form below and one of our Student Advisors will be in contact with you shortly.

For any enquiries about this programme, please get in touch with us by clicking on one of the icons below, or complete the contact form below and one of our Student Advisors will be in contact with you shortly.