The brand design and advertising industry has changed. It is deeply integrated with digital technology, design and copywriting. It is the blend of art, copy and code that will equip future brand and advertising professionals for success. This programme integrates SETA-aligned outcomes with global specialisation and certifications attained through some of the world’s largest learning platforms, culminating in an industry relevant portfolio, equipping you with the skills to create brand, retail, digital and customer experiences that will change the face of advertising in the future.

At NewBridge College, you will attend full-time lectures in support of your programme, and your studies will include the NewBridge College exclusive Professional Development Programme, giving you the tools to adapt and thrive in our ever-changing working world. Each course is also accompanied by relevant Short Learning Programmes, offered through the innovative learning platform, boosting your CV and ensuring that you remain relevant in the workplace.

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NewBridge College provides full-time lecture and tutorial support towards this Brand Design and Digital Advertising Programme. Similarly, NewBridge College offers support for the short learning programmes offered on the online learning platforms detailed above. Our full-time campus, situated in Musgrave, Durban, ensures that students who enrol with us will enjoy a full student life that includes lectures, personal development, and an exciting sport and social programme while they study towards this professional learning programme.