Gaining the Competitive Advantage through our PDP Programme

Competition in the workplace is fierce. In addition, some predict that the skills you have and learn today will be half as valuable in five years’ time, indicating that students need to carefully consider how they develop and maintain their relevance and advantage. Our approach is designed to ensure that our students have a continual advantage, which spans their lives. Our approach supports and develops students as they progress through their journey to graduation. Essentially, it’s not simply about getting a qualification or being “job-ready”, this journey consists of continual development, lifelong learning and skill acquisition.

Young adults need to know and understand how to continually invest in their futures, their careers and their value as employees and future leaders. We believe that continuous development and growth provide you with a competitive advantage, enabling you to grasp entrepreneurial opportunities and make meaningful contributions to the economy and society as a whole.

At NewBridge Institute, we take a unique approach to teaching, lecturing and tutoring our students through their coursework. Concurrent to the qualification chosen is the provision of a Professional Development Programme which is designed to ensure students graduate with the best possible advantage. This ensures that our students develop from an academic, personal and skills perspective to become well-rounded, informed members of society.

The Professional Development Programme is available to all students at NewBridge Institute. The programme runs concurrently with the student’s qualifications. The main focus of this programme is to encourage students to embrace practical work opportunities, for them to attend discussion groups and to work on their own to critically analyse and review current South African and world events. We encourage our students to read, question and consider how the events of our time affects our lives and what opportunities and threats these events present.

NewBridge Institute students will also be encouraged to register for one or more of the many short and medium-term academic, skills development and diversification programmes that are available online from some of the world’s largest and most respected universities and educational institutions. NewBridge Institute will work with students and guide them through the process, ensuring that they are familiarised and comfortable identifying, researching and registering for educational programmes. These will provide them with the opportunity to acquire new, varied knowledge, capabilities and skills – both during their studies and well beyond. This programme will ensure that students strive for ongoing relevance in their chosen careers and that they maintain their own competitive advantage indefinitely.

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