NewBridge Registration & Accreditation

NewBridge College offers voluntary and additional blended support alongside numerous accredited online and distance qualifications and certifications. Our support is in addition to services and responsibilities of the accredited education provider.
The accredited education and training provider takes full responsibility for the registration of students for their chosen qualifications, develops, delivers, and assesses the curriculum and certifies students on completion of the qualification. These functions are the exclusive responsibility of the accredited provider. This programme is accredited by a Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) which ensures that students are studying towards a registered and accredited South African qualification.

The registration with NewBridge College is therefore specifically for our additional and voluntary support and does not form part of the provision of the education and training.

NewBridge College registration additionally offers each student access to a full campus life, the NewBridge College exclusive Accelerate Academy coupled with our unique Professional Development Programme and relevant Short Learning Programmes offered through innovative learning platforms like edX and Coursera, as well as the NewBridge College Sports Academy.