Meet Odette Francesconi – Head of Institute

There is something so rewarding about educating and working with young adults. There is an energy that you feel as you partner with students on their road to success, and a sense of achievement that you feel when you see the impact that education has on shaping their individual lives.

Odette FrancesconiOver the last 30 years, I have worked as Lecturer, Principal, Academic, Operations Head and Managing Director of one of this country’s largest private education groups. During all of this time this time, some of my most memorable moments have been experienced attending or presiding over graduation ceremonies. There is no greater reward than seeing the evolution of students into young adults; remembering first meeting them in interviews or at orientation and then watching them graduate, ready to leave and take advantage of all the world has to offer.

My years within the education sector have given me great insight into what is needed to prepare students for a successful career path beyond their studies.

At NewBridge Institute, we have prioritised the development of academic capability, professional skills and appropriate attitude and aptitude of young adults. This enables them to remain flexible and continually invest in their own growth after they have graduated. In doing this, we ensure that our students don’t only graduate “work ready” and with a qualification, but that they understand how to journey through their respective careers, equipped to respond to our constantly evolving world.

We are incredibly excited to present our forward-thinking and unique approach to education and professional development, which will prepare a new generation of students who are ready to take on the ever-changing and rapidly developing workplace.

I look forward to engaging with and welcoming you to NewBridge Institute.

Contact us today via phone on 031 563 2274 or email on to learn more about how NewBridge Institute can prepare you to leave your studies with a competitive advantage and then keep it for life.

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