It is widely acknowledged that the current pandemic has changed the face of higher education forever. Across South Africa, universities and colleges have been converting their traditional models into blended learning models, with varying degrees of success.

Educators around the world are saying they will never teach in the same way again. Many have found that transitioning to a model that incorporates digital technologies is beneficial, putting the needs of students first, giving them constant access to a wealth of resources, and enabling more effective communication between teachers and learners.

At NewBridge College, we recognised the need to shift towards an educational approach that embraces the myriad of useful tools that the digital world can offer us long before the COVID-19 pandemic. Our blended learning model has always included collaborative teaching, face to face lectures, online engagement and discussion, soft skills and professional development, and a teach-lecture-tutor methodology.

Since we first opened our doors, this model has been designed to prepare our students for a world that changes more and more each day, giving them the tools they need to adapt to any challenges and take advantage of opportunities that may come their way. With the COVID-19 pandemic presenting a significant challenge to their academic year, we are delighted to see our students adjust to the new normal without skipping a beat.

Our responsive educational model enabled us to easily accommodate the health and safety protocols put in place, and by embracing digital technologies, we were able to provide uninterrupted, high-quality support to our students, enabling them achieve impressive results during the recent exam season.

The NewBridge College blended learning model coupled with the external service providers’ flawless transition to online examinations ensured these students lost no time.

While we cannot mention every course and every student, we would like to congratulate the NewBridge College class of 2020 on their outstanding first semester achievements in the face of the unprecedented challenges.

If you’d like to find out more about studying towards an internationally-recognised degree, qualification or professional learning programme at NewBridge College, please don’t hesitate to contact our Vice Principal, Scott Edwards, on 083 652 6060 or

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