NewBridge Group is pleased to announce that it has acquired Centurion Academy and will now be comprised of NewBridge College, NewBridge Corporate and Centurion Academy.

NewBridge College Group is owned by Summit Africa Group and NewBridge Capital. NewBridge Group is managed by Craig Duff and Odette Francesconi, the team that founded Varsity College in 1991. Duff and Francesconi have collectively spent more than 50 years working in the South African private education landscape.

NewBridge Group and Centurion Academy are aligned in terms of offering and future aspirations, and operations will continue as usual. We are excited about the coming together of these two education institutions and look forward to sharing our plans as they develop.

“Together with Summit Africa, we are very excited about the growth potential of both NewBridge College and Centurion Academy, and will be making some exciting announcements about our future plans” – Craig Duff, CEO of the NewBridge Group.

In the interim, please do not hesitate to be in touch with either of us.

Craig Duff
Chief Executive Officer
CEO NewBridge Group

Odette Francesconi
Chief Operations Officer
COO NewBridge Group