During this premier part-time programme for aspiring entrepreneurs, you will learn the business skills and start-up mindset needed to embark on a successful entrepreneurial path. This programme is designed to guide people from every age and background through the process of founding a company, from developing new business ideas to pitching your concept to potential investors.

  • How to overcome both the myths and real challenges of entrepreneurship
  • Identifying business opportunities
  • Performing market research and choosing your target consumer
  • Planning your business logistics, and pitching and selling to customers
  • Overcoming the top myths of entrepreneurship
  • Defining your goals as an entrepreneur and start-up
  • Identifying business opportunities
  • Performing market research and choosing your target customer
  • Designing and testing your offering
  • Planning your business logistics, plus pitching and selling to customers
  • Lean methodologies

The NewBridge independent learning platform and model is a new and innovative approach to education, an evolution in the progress towards a dynamic, comprehensive learning experience. We facilitate qualifications and programmes from institutions both locally and internationally.  Our facilitation embraces a wide variety of learning methodologies, including face-to-face learning, workshops, online engagement, blended learning, tutorials, presentations and peer-to-peer collaboration. Our campus is fully digitally-enabled, allowing you to immerse yourself in new and innovative technologies, giving you every advantage possible. Our approach ensures that you are able to effectively utilise the new skills you acquire and thrive within your career.

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Please note: As an independent learning platform and environment, NewBridge does not offer, provide or confer qualifications. NewBridge provides support and facilitation towards distance qualifications from Institutions both locally and internationally.

These institutions remain responsible for registering students, assessing students’ performance and providing and delivering the curriculum. Furthermore, as an independent learning platform and environment NewBridge curates, supports and facilitates content, short learning programmes, online programmes and non-higher education certifications towards industry and career-aligned programmes and portfolios.

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