The world is changing

It is estimated that 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 do not yet exist today. If that seems unlikely to you, think about the world 10 years ago – smart phones were in their infancy, and people were still migrating from MySpace to Facebook. Jobs like mobile app development and social media management were still years away, and today they’re amongst the most sought-after skills in the modern world.

The way we learn needs to change too

How do we prepare for a future we can hardly comprehend? Traditional education models are still using out-dated textbooks, old technology and course programmes that were set out many years ago. New learning models are needed to prepare you to adapt and succeed in a future that is evolving more and more rapidly with every passing year.

At NewBridge, we’ve taken the initiative to develop an independent, contemporary and responsive educational model that is designed to give you the tools to adapt to our ever-changing world. Our full-time lecture and tutorial support for a range of internationally-recognised degrees, as well as custom-designed and career-oriented programmes, give you the best possible selection of qualifications and skills for your chosen field. NewBridge offers you some of the best education from across the globe, right at your fingertips.

A competitive advantage

Our Personal Development Programme (PDP) runs concurrently with every NewBridge qualification. This unique programme will impart all the skills you need to succeed in academics, your personal life, the workplace, financial management and digital citizenship.

Alongside our PDP, we offer a range of Short Learning Programmes (SLPs) from universities around the globe. These are carefully chosen to complement and augment your skills in your chosen career path, boosting your CV and making you more attractive to potential employers.

Equip yourself with the tools to adapt to changes in the job market

On top of your internationally-accredited qualification, our PDP and SLP programmes will give you the tools you need to successfully adapt to any changes in the job market. As the working world shifts and evolves, with new jobs coming into fashion and old jobs falling into obsolescence, you will be able to meet the challenges of the new world and find your place in it.

Don’t wait for the future to happen to you. Prepare for it.

For more info on the exclusive learning opportunities NewBridge can provide you, please visit our website and view the full list of available programmes here >

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