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External Programmes

    Please submit certified copies of the following separately to this registration form:

    1. Student’s ID / passport and visa / study permit (certified)

    2. Student’s National Senior Certificate (certified)

    3. Parent/guardian’s ID (certified)

    4. Account Payer’s ID – if different from parent/guardian (certified)

    5. Signed fee schedule

    6. Bursary contract (where applicable)


    Tick the name of the external higher education qualification that you are registering for:
    • Bachelor of Commerce Degree

    • Bachelor of Accounting Science Degree

    • Bachelor of Arts Degree

    • Bachelor of Social Science Degree

    • Bachelor of Education (Foundation Phase) Degree

    • Bachelor of Education (Intermediate Phase) Degree

    • Higher Certificate

    Tick the name of the external further education qualification that you are registering for:
    • Higher Certificate in Early Childhood Development

    • National Certificate in Sports Coaching Science

    • National Certificate in Fitness

    • National Certificate in Sports Management

    • National Certificate in IT Application Development

    Please note that for a student to attend NewBridge College and receive our voluntary and additional support for their chosen external qualification, they need to be registered with the institution selected in the table above.


    The NewBridge College registration and fees include:

    • Our voluntary and additional blended support alongside your registered and accredited online or distance qualifications detailed in section A above.

    • Full access to our digitally enabled campus.

    • The NewBridge College Sports and Social programme.

    • Main section club membership to Durban Collegians and Durban Surf.

    • The NewBridge College exclusive Accelerate Academy coupled with our unique Professional Development Programme.

    • Relevant Short Learning Programmes offered through innovative learning platforms like and Coursera.

    The NewBridge College registration and fees exclude:

    • Fees payable for the external qualification selected in section A to the external provider.

    • All prescribed academic material and textbooks.

    • IT devices.

    • NewBridge College Sport Academy and sport club sub section fees where applicable


    1) Student

    • South African Citizen:

    • Yes

    • No


    • South African Citizen:

    • Yes

    • No


    • Method of Payment

    • Full Settlement

    Account Payer details, if not the same as Section 2

    I/wehereby authorise NewBridge College to draw against my/our account with the above-mentioned bank (or any other bank or branch to which I/we may transfer my/our account) the amount necessary for payment of monthly instalments due in terms of the Registration Contract on the above indicated day of each month of the repayment period.

    All such withdrawals from my/our bank account by NewBridge College shall be treated as though they had been signed by me/us personally.

    I/We agree to pay any bank charges relating to this debit order instruction. Rejected debit orders will incur a R200 administration charge. I/We understand that I/we shall not be entitled to any refund of amounts that have been withdrawn while this authority is in force if such amounts were legally owing to NewBridge College. This authority may only be cancelled by me/us on the proviso that the outstanding amount owing has been settled and that NewBridge College is given 30 days’ notice in writing.

    Receipt of this instruction by NewBridge College shall be regarded as receipt thereof by my/our bank.

    2) Payment Options

    NewBridge College Fees - Should you need to discuss your fees or bursary application please contact your student advisor.

    Less: NewBridge College Bursary (where applicable)

    Less: Early Settlement (where applicable)

    Method Of Payment For Balances(Minus Deposit)

    Banking Details

    NewBridge College | Standard Bank | Account Number: 050856340 | Reference: Full Name and Last Name.

    Email your proof of payment to to confirm your application.


    1. I/we understand that this NewBridge College registration form is only in respect of the services offered by NewBridge College as detailed in section B above. That this registration excludes the registration which is required with the external institution with the external provider of the qualification.

    2. The registered and accredited external institution with whom you registertakes fullresponsibility forthe registration of students fortheir chosen qualifications (as indicated in section A above). The registered provider develops, delivers, and assesses the curriculum and certifies students on completion
      of their qualification. These functions are the exclusive responsibility of the registered and accredited provider.

    3. The NewBridge College voluntary and additional blended support does not form part of the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) regulatory landscape or accreditation.

    4. NewBridge College services are designed to develop personal, professional and career skill sets, introduce concepts and platforms forlifelong learning, and complete curated micro certifications while studying towards an external qualification.

    5. I undertake to abide by the rules of the NewBridge College Code of Conduct and any amendments thereto during the period of my studies.

    6. I understand and accept that upon my registration, I immediately become liable forthe full programme fee and undertake to pay the full programme fee no laterthan the due date/s stipulated. In the event of non-payment of any amount due, in addition to any otherremedies that it may have in terms of this agreement or at law, NewBridge College may:

    7. Terminate this agreement and keep all amounts already paid; and/or

    8. Claim damages, which may include immediate payment of all arrear payments; and/or

    9. Suspend the student for non-payment; and/or

    10. Claim the full amount of the contract, which shall become due and payable immediately.

    11. Cancellations will only be considered within the first four(4) weeks from commencement of the academic programme and a maximum of 50% fees paid may be refunded.

    12. I understand that should I withdraw from NewBridge College within four(4) weeks of the commencement date of the academic programme, I will give written notice of my intention and pay all money owing. Should withdrawal occur more than four(4) weeks afterthe commencement date of the academic programme, then the account payer will be liable forthe full fees.

    13. Payments received afterthe upfront payment in full deadline, will automatically revert to instalments and attract the associated fees.

    14. The account payer shall not be entitled to a reduction in fees should the student fail to attend classes.

    15. If the student is a minor, this registration form must be co-signed by the student’s parents/guardians/account payers, who will be liable forthe payment of the student fees.

    16. Should a third party (otherthan the student’s legal guardian if he/she is a minor) assume the liability forthe student’s fees, the account payer, whose personal details appearin the registration form, shall be a third party to this agreement in his/her own name, with the obligation to pay the fees.

    17. The student (and if applicable, the account payer) may not cede and delegate his/herrights and obligations in terms hereof.

    18. The parties acknowledge that NewBridge College is not a credit provider and that this contract does not constitute a credit agreement.

    19. The student, his/her parent/guardian and the account payer here by jointly and severally cannot hold NewBridge College responsible for any injury, harm, theft or damage that the student may suffer whilst on the premises of NewBridgeCollege, or while otherwise participating in the activities of NewBridge College.

    20. This agreement constitutes the full agreement between the parties, and no alteration, cancellation or variation hereof shall be of any force unless it is reduced to writing and signed by both parties. I agree to allow NewBridge College to use my information to trace me, if necessary.

    I/We the undersigned have read, completed and understood the entire contents of this Registration Contract and are hereby jointly and severally bound and accept all terms and conditions of this Registration Contract.

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