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The world of sport continues to evolve. There is a constant drive towards higher performance and professionalism at all levels of sport. This high level of performance comes with a need for conditioning, nutrition and skills development to ensure that sports talent is developed and nurtured.

Every aspiring sportsman and woman needs to be focused on attaining the highest standards in their respective sporting fields, whilst developing professionally and academically.

The NewBridge College Sports Academy has been specifically designed to nurture talent and hone skills in a range of sports and fitness areas. The NewBridge College Sports Academy offers a comprehensive approach to preparing athletes, players and fitness enthusiasts to perform and reach the goals required for their personal sporting, health or fitness objectives.

All Academy students receive individualised profiling and testing, allowing us to develop a personal conditioning and nutrition programme. This is supplemented with specific skills training from leading coaches to ensure that all students are afforded the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The result is that each NewBridge College Sports Academy student will get the specialised conditioning and nutrition programme, skills development and personalised guidance and attention they need to excel in their chosen sport.

Access to the NewBridge College Sports Academy is only available to full-time NewBridge College students. The NewBridge College Sports Academy will blend seamlessly with each student’s academic curriculum, ensuring a balanced and well-rounded education experience that gives them the best of both worlds.

Newbridge College Sports Academy Provides training and support for:

Expert guidance from the Newbridge College Sports Academy advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of a panel of experts, specialists and professionals across a variety of sports and specialities, ensuring that we are able to deliver a holistic approach to sports training.

Expert guidance from the Newbridge College Sports Academy advisory Board

Position profile and testing

Sport and position profile

Relative to each student’s chosen sport, the NewBridge College Sports Academy conditioning team meet with them to understand what their ideal conditioning profile should be based on their sport, position and personal aspirations.


Once the personal profile has been understood, students will be tested to establish a baseline. Every 10 weeks, students will be tested against the skills in their sport and position profile, allowing our Academy conditioning team to monitor progress in order to update their conditioning and nutrition programme.

Personal conditioning and nutrition programme

Conditioning programme

Based on each student’s personal profile and test results, our conditioning team will develop a personalised conditioning programme.

Supervised and home training

Every student will undergo two supervised conditioning sessions in our gym and functional training area per week.

All sessions are logged on the NewBridge College Sport Academy App to allow our team to monitor each student’s activity levels and make adjustments to their programme as required.

Personal nutrition programme

Based on the student’s profile and testing, we will develop an individualised nutrition plan that will include a meal plan, designed to meet their required objectives.

Each sport category will benefit from specific skills sessions delivered by specially appointed coaching staff. Our coaching team will run drills with students from each sport, going into detail on specialised techniques while outlining various tactics and delivering valuable insights.

Presented by a pool of experts, specialists, sports agents, sports psychologists, sportspeople and more, these discussions and workshops are designed to instil the attributes of a competitive and confident sportsperson in each student. Tackling everything from strategies to what it means to be a winner, these sessions will encompass all elements of sports and fitness that take place off the field, yet are equally vital to the success of each student. Lessons learned in these sessions will have a lasting impact from the lecture theatre and beyond.

As part of the NewBridge College full-time offering, every student gains automatic membership to some of KZN’s most prestigious sports clubs. Students in the Academy will play both league and social sport at our partner clubs.

This gives every NewBridge College Sports Academy student an excellent opportunity to improve and hone their abilities, before taking their skills to the field to play and excel in their chosen sport. The club that the student elects to join will be the environment that focuses on their team coached activities. All clubs have affiliation with the provincial sporting unions that will allow students to showcase their talents and skills to look to attain sport representation at a provincial or national level.

Staying active and eating right is crucial for a healthy and happy lifestyle, and can stimulate concentration, memory and creativity while teaching valuable life lessons such as discipline and self-confidence.

For those students looking to stay fit and healthy, the NewBridge College Sports Academy offers a general fitness programme within the academy. This includes all the personalised conditioning, nutrition and meal plans offered in sports programming, with app integration and access to general fitness workshops and presentations. Instead of a sports position profile, general fitness students will be assessed based on current and ideal fitness levels, with supervised skills sessions dedicated to helping them reach their fitness goals.

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