About NewBridge College

The management and academic support staff of NewBridge College pioneered offering academic support to students studying towards distance qualifications. The team have decades of experience having first offered support to students studying towards Unisa Degrees, IMM programmes and CIS diplomas in the 90s; and our experience in offering tutorial support to students studying towards externally registered distance qualifications and teaching towards our own registered qualifications has given us unique insights into both modes of education.

Distance and online education have steadily been gaining traction in recent years, and the growing demand for tertiary education means distance and online numbers will continue to accelerate. Although this mode of learning provides access to post-school education, there are many challenges that students, and more especially school leavers, need to overcome.

We’ve taken the initiative to develop an independent, contemporary and responsive educational model offering all-inclusive additional and voluntary support to external qualifications as well as providing NewBridge College skills-based qualifications, in an environment designed to give you the tools to adapt to our ever-changing world.

Today, school leavers are faced with a new challenge. They need to be able to comfortably navigate a future work landscape that is evolving. The only way students can effectively prepare for the future is to learn how to remain relevant and valuable in tomorrow’s world of business.

To support our educational approach, NewBridge College also prioritises industry exposure, work experience, community upliftment and critical skills in sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship that would prove valuable in any chosen career.

The result is that students are empowered to embrace problem solving, have confidence in their skills, and learn first-hand how to pursue life-long learning throughout their careers.

Central to our learning and teaching ethos are small classes, encouraging innovation in both our educators and students. Our education model is designed to be fun and engaging, improving understanding, individual development and, ultimately, achievement.

Through careful planning, we are able to offer an immersive learning experience, while providing full-time support for high-quality, affordable private tertiary education.